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We have available kittens!!

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Available Kittens

I am a small hobby breeder of CFA registered Exotic (short hair and long hair Persians) cats. I breed for health, personality and show quality babies. I usually do not take reservations on kittens that aren't born yet. The cats are in my personal home and this IS NOT a business or pet shop. If you wish further personal information about where I live or how to contact me you will have to fill out a contact form through my webpage. I do not respond to vague inquires. I am very select who I sell to, and who I let into my private home. Prospective buyers will also have to fill out a questionnaire for approval. When I know what I will be offering for sale, and what quality the kitten is, I post on social media first. Then the kitten will be available for reservation to an approved home.
Thank you for understanding. 
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Kittens are reserved by a non-refundable deposit only. Please be 100% sure that you want, can permanently keep, and can afford the kitten before sending a deposit. I am a small breeder and don't usually have many kittens available, so they are reserved very quickly at a young age. My focus is on placing our cats in the right home, therefore, I retain the right to refuse a sale at anytime, for any reason I see fit. Cats or kittens without breeding rights require a signed contract stating that the cat be neutered or spayed at the appropriate time.

*Cats and kittens pictured above are not for sale, they are examples of what I have bred in the past.